Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Beauty of the Unkown

Sometimes we are so afraid of the unknown, parents thinking and planning of what to do to secure a good future for them and their offspring, the young youth reading and working endlessly to set their future rolling, the old living right just in case of death, but in all these fate gives us pattern and these patterns are path we follow settling for less, the truth be told, how you plan that’s how you’d live, fate is just a path we follow to a destination. How the path is, is left to us, as the saying goes how you make your bed so you lie on it. The unknown is what is known to all of us but we fail to see it, the unknown is simply the you of tomorrow having the opportunity to change the mistakes of yesterday and making the best out of every single opportunity, if you are too scared to live just visit the A&E Ward of any hospital and see the difference. The unknown is what we fail to come in terms with because we feel nothing good can come out of it…stop the doubt and unbelief and invigorate your tomorrow today. All it takes is a plan; the unknown is you and as you are and would with time is beautiful. Invest in your beauty and see that the change we seek is in us and not impossible

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