Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life the memo

Life, some say it's hard, others not fair, easy complicated, a real hustle and so on,but from my experience these years i say it's real cool,interesting  a  reflection of the path and choices taken. Life is a gift and should be treated with good faith because its the one source that brings hope and this hope is the the driving force for an honest living. Yes life is full of opportunities, challenges, drama, good and evil and all these features brings about the balance in the cosmic arena where we dwell,but sadly most people tend to forget that life is a free and neutral gift given to all. We as men are equals but status and the so called society and classes are now media through which we are distinguished just to put a price tag on what is free. Then how do we live in peace and harmony?    There's a random saying that life brings hope and death is a tool by which a man who really lived a good life is evaluated, simply put death asks how was it. life is the light we seek to usher us into realm of expectation, so many dream but the realization seems impossible, so many plans yet a little time,so much needs but the vast resources channeled to satisfy the thirst of the greedy few, what an interesting journey with its path filled with thorns yet we seek for more, hoping for glory, bleeding.There's nothing that is impossible, to live a good life dare to dream and be chauvinistic towards it because irrespective of what goes down life goes on.     

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